Toronto's Trees, Beautifully Maintained

At Tree Trimming Toronto, we provide an effective, affordable, and safe tree service Toronto residents can rely on year-round. If you need a tree trimmed, planted, removed, or maintained, call us for a job well done.

Professional Tree Services in Toronto

When you have large trees on your property, they provide shade, beauty, fresh air, and a bountiful ecosystem. But they can also pose a risk when not appropriately maintained — especially during the spring and summer months in Toronto.

When rain and wind are heavy, large trees can become a significant safety risk. So how can you preserve their beauty and all they offer while staying safe and maximizing your property's value? Through regular maintenance and trimming!

Tree Trimming & Pruning

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Regular tree trimming is a part of proper maintenance. Ideally, you'll have this done annually or every few years as needed. Trimming helps to improve arboreal health by promoting growth. It also leads to a cleaner aesthetic and revitalized landscape.

As experienced arborists, we believe aim to preserve trees' beauty, not hold them back. Our trimming services help your trees thrive and enhance the overall look of your property. 

Proper pruning helps to remove the dead branches. It's a necessary part of maintenance. Otherwise, the dead branches can become breeding zones for termites or make a tree less stable. The last thing you want is large and heavy dead branches falling onto your roof.

Our tree cutting services will remove the offending branches. It also can help to promote further growth, as the nutrients can go to the healthy branches.

Tree Removal

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When it makes sense safety-wise, trees add so much to a yard. But in some instances and certain places, trees are more of a hazard than anything. Eliminate a risky tree liability dangerously close to the house or in bad health with proper tree removal.

Removal is usually the best option when the tree is:

  • Showing signs of declining health
  • Obstructing paths or views on the property
  • Clearly diseased and causing even more problems
  • Poses a safety risk to your home and family

Since our primary goal is preserving trees, we only offer tree removal when necessary. Unfortunately, sometimes that is the case.

Tree Planting

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If your property doesn't have any trees, that can be a problem too! Give your yard a makeover by planting new trees that will breathe extra life and vibrancy into the landscape.

We can help you with:

  • Picking the right species for your property
  • Picking the ideal placement for planting
  • Help you to understand how to care for it as it grows

Tree Fertilizing

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Give your trees the extra boost they need with our all-natural fertilizers. After coming out to inspect the species and type of growth you want, we'll identify the issues at hand.

Following the arborist report, we prepare the perfect fertilizer mix. Some of the most common benefits of fertilizing include faster growth, better overall health, and fantastic foliage.

Stump Grinding & Removal

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If you have an old stump on your property, we can help you say goodbye to that headache. Stumps can pose a safety risk, and they can mar the beauty of your landscape.

Stump removal makes room for a fresh patch of grass or even new trees! With removal, we take out the entire stump, including the roots.

Grinding involves wearing down the stump until it's no longer an obstruction. We are always careful with stump grinding, as our goal is to keep the surrounding areas of the yard intact and healthy.

After we perform our stump grinding and removal services, you'll notice a healthier yard with more curb appeal than before.

Arborist Report

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Not sure what services you need? Our arboreal experts are happy to perform a risk assessment and give our honest opinion.

Our arborist report will help to assess:

  • The overall condition of the tree
  • Stunted Growth
  • Dead Branches
  • Identify Causes of Disease and Pests
  • Recommended Next Steps

Because we know trees so well, we're able to identify and diagnose a number of issues and get your trees back to a healthy, thriving state.

When Your Trees Need Professional Care, Call Tree Trimming Toronto!

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Whether you need a tree removed, planted, trimmed, or pruned, we are the Toronto neighbourhood experts you can call. Contact Tree Trimming Toronto for free estimates, experienced professionals, and cost-effective service.

Residential and commercial customers alike can benefit from our arboreal care. We always take every measure to guarantee a safe, effective, and respectful approach to caring for your trees.

Residential Tree Services

Some residential properties have more trees than others, but every tree in someone's yard is valuable. Trees provide crucial shade, an ambiance to any back or front yard, a home for squirrels, birds, and so much more. Whether you have one tree or a forest in your backyard, we treat each one with love and respect as we trim, prune, brace, fertilize, or even remove when necessary.

We understand that having unruly trees is not only a safety risk but also reduces curb appeal. With regular maintenance from Tree Trimming Toronto, your trees will be the best part of your residential property.

Experienced Commercial Tree Maintenance

Our commercial tree service Toronto helps businesses to present professional and appealing landscapes. Trees that hang over a commercial building are a significant safety hazard, despite the crucial parking lot shade and natural touch that they provide. Dead branches can fall on the building, cars, employees, or customers.

With our commercial maintenance, you can help freshen up your business property and protect your employees and customers! Contact Tree Trimming Toronto for all of your commercial tree maintenance needs.