Our services are available to you year around, through all seasons. Whether you need help planting your trees or you have a problematic tree and don’t know how to deal with it, we offer all of the following services to help your trees reach its full potential so that your home and yard can be a happier one.

Tree Pruning and Trimming

Properly maintaining your tree by having it trimmed and pruned can benefit you and your plant in various ways; however, the most common reason for having a tree trimmed and pruned is to remove the dead branches. When you leave a tree that has dead wood unattended for too long, you’re inviting dangers into your home. On top of the fact that you could get termites from this issue, the dead branches can even fall off and damage your property. Of course, there are many more dangers of not having your tree trimmed and pruned when necessary, these are just the most obvious and common dangers.

Tree Cabling and Bracing

Your tree may become damaged due to lack of a proper structure, or damage may have been directly dealt to it. This does not mean that you have to remove the tree altogether. You can have your tree cabled or braced instead.

Cabling is intended for the upper part of the tree, in the canopy. This technique provides support for the tree to avoid breaking branches and minimize dangers.

Bracing is purposed for dealing with the stronger points of the tree’s structure, such as it’s trunk and thicker branches.

While these temporary solutions will make your tree much safer and much more appealing to the eye than it had been before, you should know that simply cabling and bracing your trees will not completely guarantee that the tree will stay standing tall. We will inform you if your tree’s life can safely be expanded with these methods and how long it will last, or if you need a removal done.


Artificial fertilizers can be harmful to trees and plants, so we choose to use natural fertilizers and inject it into the tree roots for the best results. Different trees have different needs, so the need for fertilization varies. However, you can easily give us a call and we’ll come and look at your tree to help you understand what exactly your tree needs.

Some of the benefits of deep root fertilizing your trees and plants are:

  • Since the roots to a tree are like veins to a human, fertilizer is much more effective being injected directly into the roots
  • More air to the soil
  • Maximizing the health of your tree
  • Amazing foliage
  • Better overall health
  • Faster growth

Trees aren’t much different from human beings. The more you tend to their needs and take proper care of them, the healthier and happier they will become.

Tree Removal

We can not only plant your new tree for you; we can also remove your old trees. We don’t prefer removing trees unless it’s absolutely necessary, but unfortunately, it is sometimes a necessary action in certain situations.

Your tree may need to be removed if:

  • The overall health of the tree is faltering
  • The tree has reached a point where it is an irreparable danger
  • The tree is causing an obstruction
  • The growth has exceeded the limit of capability of being trimmed or pruned
  • The tree has begun to grow into other trees

Stump Grinding

If you have an old tree stump or roots leftover from a previous tree removal that is nothing more than a headache, we offer help for this type of issue as well at a very reasonable price- and it will not severely harm the surrounding area of your yard. You will find your yard becoming a much better place for you and your family after removing these eyesores.

  • Bright sides to having large stumps and roots ground are:
  • Your yard will be a much more appealing place
  • More space for you to start need projects
  • Eliminates the risk of unwanted trees growing in the old one’s place
  • Increases safety, especially for children
  • Helps prevent insects from breeding and infesting your property
  • Creates more space for other trees and plants to flourish